Andrew Kendrick New Managing Director Of Concord Access Rental

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“Customer relations and expansion into Africa are key to sustainable growth” – new Concord Access Rental MD

The Executive Management of the Concord Group of Companies welcomes Andrew Kendrick as the newly appointed Managing Director of Concord Access Rental (CAR), a specialist Rental Company of a wide range of mobile lifting equipment and systems.

Andrew, who recently attained a post graduate diploma in business management from Nottingham Trent University in the UK, brings tremendous business as well as technical experience to CAR, having held key positions at Kentz Construction, Terex Africa and Bell Equipment. During his time at Kentz, Andrew started a global internal assets division for the company which was managed from South Africa. Andrew was responsible for controlling over 5000 pieces of equipment worldwide.

“As someone who worked my way from the bottom up, I believe I bring a down-to-earth feel to the business,” shares Andrew. “In addition, my practical experience and my understanding the need of urgency and the practicality of requirements are important in the rental business and will add much value when it comes to our customer base.”

While 2015 was a tough year, Andrew says that sheer willingness, attention to detail and nurturing good customer relations are what enabled CAR to shine during these tough periods. The economic slump with its usual accompaniment of a weak exchange rate and low commodity prices will continue to create a very difficult business environment for some time to come. This aside, Andrew still envisages growth in some sectors during 2016. In terms of the local market, Andrew cites the solar, film and warehousing sectors as showing rapid expansion over the short term. He also expects to see medium to long term growth in South Africa’s water infrastructure, power and port expansions but adds that it must be kept in mind that these sectors are heavily dependent on the exchange rate and commodity prices. “With our comprehensive range of rental machines, we are more than ready to meet the increasing demands of these respective sectors.”

Andrew believes that the strongest medium and long term growth will have to be garnered in the rest of Africa. “This new frontier presents a wealth of opportunities so it goes without saying that there has to be plans for any South African company to expand into this continent. That being said, it needs to be done correctly,” warns Andrew. “Many factors must be taken into consideration, for example, commodity prices and exchange rates need to be favourable.”

“Countries exhibiting good governance, sound fiscal policies and investor friendly-markets will be the areas that attract expansion. When they do, I predict it will be an expansion of infrastructure the likes of which has not been seen by South Africa since the 80’s. The industry we are in follows construction and as such, once the construction boom starts we will be there to support our customers and the local companies during maintenance and repair projects well into the future.”

Revealing CAR’s medium term plans, Andrew says they will concentrate on building small but strong networks locally and within the African continent. “With all things being equal, sub-Saharan Africa is our next focus where we plan to establish satellite / multi-discipline branches.”

“We are not under any illusion that 2016 is going to present more challenges. But with our reputation for providing the right quality tool for the right job, helping our customers complete projects on time and within budget and our 24/7 service excellence we say ‘bring it on’. Together with committed personnel and loyal customers, we will work through these taxing times and emerge as a stronger, hungrier and even better business, ready to take on the African explosion that has to come!”

Andrew officially took over the reins on 23rd November 2015 from Dean Jones who successfully led CAR for four years. The Concord Executives wish Andrew every success in growing CAR to new heights.