Different Types Of Scissor Lifts

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People and businesses want reliability and affordability when it comes to renting or buying a machine. Our team of specialists at Concord Access Solutions aims to ensure that our clients are provided the right machine for the job whether it’s a boom, telehandler, lighting tower or scissor lift.

Our offering includes scissor lifts for hire or sale and our team are very well educated on the many features and benefits of these very useful and practical machines.

Types of Scissor Lifts

How do scissor lifts work

These load-bearing and high reaching machines work like a concertina. A pneumatic or hydraulic push creates an upward force that moves the lift up and down. When the machine needs to come down or bring the load or person on the platform to the ground, then a similar mechanism in reverse is instituted.

How many scissor lifts are there?

There are a variety of scissor lifts for sale and rental available to the African market. At Concord Access Solutions, we offer a few options to choose from which include;

Electric Scissor Lifts

The electric scissor lift is one of the most popular machines on the market at the moment thanks to its extremely agile capabilities. Electric scissor lifts are battery-operated and therefore are excellent for indoor use because they don’t emit fumes and make very little noise.
Most electric scissor lifts have reaching capabilities of between 8m – 14m and are therefore perfect for stock control functions, warehouse maintenance jobs and even hard-to-reach installations.

Diesel Scissor Lifts

Like the electric machine, this scissor lift is operated using diesel power making it a very economical machine to run. It offers the excellent reliability and is best used for outdoor, rough terrain use thanks to its hardy workability.

High-level Scissor Lifts

As their name suggests, high-level scissor lifts can go to where other options cannot. They offer extensive reaching capabilities and can often work at heights up to 23m above the ground. They’re designed to be sturdy yet versatile and are known as powerful workhorses. They can carry larger loads as well as more people in a wider platform and are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

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