Everything You need to Know About Rough Terrain Cranes

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When it comes to rough terrain cranes, it’s relatively easy to understand that they are cranes that can access rough terrain work site, but do you know anything else about what they are used for and how they can benefit your project?

Rough terrain cranes are an essential piece of equipment for many industrial businesses. They are perfect for lifting and moving heavy objects in difficult-to-reach places. In this article, we’ve created an all-inclusive guide on everything you need to know about rough terrain cranes to stay ahead of the game in your business.

What Is A Rough Terrain Crane?

Generally, a rough terrain crane is described as a crane that has the capacity to move and travel over rough, uneven terrain and is also capable of manoeuvring in confined, uneven spaces on a work site. It has one cab in which the operator sits where he or she will operate the one, and only, crane of the machine from.

The Basics of Rough Terrain Cranes

The design of the rough terrain crane has made it so that these machines can manoeuvre on rough terrain and still be able to carry, and lift large loads. The basic design of a rough terrain crane includes a large body or cab from which the jib or crane extends and is driven. The body of the crane sits on large, oversized rubber tyres which give it its sense of traction and stability over uneven ground.

Rough terrain cranes are most commonly used in these industries:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
Benefits of Using Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough terrain crane specifications are varied and highly specialised. These cranes are ideally suite for driving over uneven rock, rubble and other rough surfaces that would hinder most other crane types. Other benefits to investing in the use of a rough terrain crane are:

#1 – Unmatched handling on difficult terrain

The hyper-sized axles of these types of cranes enable the tyres to move and lift over rough surfaces. Effectively this machine is an all-wheel drive with these hyper-sized axles which propel the wheels forward and over no matter what is in the way.

#2 – Enhanced stability and safety

The large, oversized tyres of rough terrain cranes are wider with larger diameters than most other crane types, making them much more stable on any surface. This in turn leads to more stability and control of the machine during lifting and loading applications.

#3 – Power and portability

Rough terrain cranes offer large ranges of load capacities making them suitable for many different kinds of industries and applications. They are powerful, portable, and high performing.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing a Rough Terrain Crane?

When it comes to the advantages of these types of cranes, there are plenty. When you are considering what type of crane for your project needs, these are the advantages that a rough terrain crane can offer you:

  • Excellent turning radius
  • Detailed manoeuvrability in confined spaces
  • Larger tyres for better control and ability to work on uneven surfaces
  • All-wheel drive steering for enhanced steering and traction
  • Heavy duty power for top performance and capacity.
Where to Buy Rough Terrain Cranes?

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