Genie 5390 Scissor Lift vs Genie Z51 Articulated Boom Lift

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Battle of the big guns… The Genie 5390 Scissor Lift vs the Genie Z51 Articulated Boom Lift

Both the Genie 5390 Scissor Lift and the Genie Z51 Articulated Boom Lift can reach a working height of over 17 meters, making them a very popular choice for outdoor construction and industrial project applications.

Let us have a look at some of the differences between the two machines:

The Genie 5390 Scissor Lift

What is a Genie 5390 Scissor Lift?

The Genie 5390 is considered a rough-terrain scissor lift, so you know its robustness won’t let you down when dealing with rocky and uneven terrain on construction sites. This tough, construction-oriented four-wheel drive machine features a maximum working height of 17.95 meters, a capacity of 680kg and positive traction control.

The foam-filled, rough-terrain tyres ensure the vehicle can manoeuvre over rocky and uneven ground. The machine also features proportional lift and drive and an optional oscillating axis.

The Genie 5390 features 50% gradeability. Gradeability is the ability of a vehicle to operate on sloped surfaces, and usually MEWP’s have a gradeability range from 0 to 40 percent, so at 50%, the Genie 5390 scissor lift is very impressive.

Rough terrain scissor lifts have work platforms, just like indoor models, but the outdoor versions usually provide more workspace than the indoor models. The Genie 5390 Single Deck has a platform length of 5.34 meters. The Dual Deck option has a platform length of 6.57 meters. The platform width is 1.83 meters. Larger platforms will provide more accessibility for multiple workers, tools and equipment. Genie also offers a slide out platform extension deck as an optional extra.

To conclude, the Genie 5390 Scissor Lift is ideal when lifting workers, tools and building materials directly overhead. The machine can handle rough terrain with ease and features remarkable gradeability. The spacious work platform area creates maximum efficiency on the job due to the number of workers and tools/equipment in can hold.

Genie Z51/30J Articulated Boom Lift

What is a Genie Z51/30J Articulated Boom Lift?

The Genie Z51/30J RT articulating boom lift is excellent for lifting people and equipment up, out, and over, positioning your crew exactly where you need them. With a working height of 17.m and a horizontal outreach of 9.2 meters, this machine is also ideal for outdoor construction and any industrial applications.

This articulated boom has a tight turning radius and zero tail-swing, making it easy to manoeuvre in confined work areas. The vehicle features a rotating platform and there is the additional feature of a rotating jib, both of which help to provide accuracy and manoeuvrability in the basket.

The oscillating axle is always active and helps to maintain traction on the rough terrain. The unit offers 4-wheel drive and 45% gradeability, so the machine can function on rough terrain as well as steep slopes.

The Genie Z 51/30J also features a dual parallelogram and fully proportional controls, so that the boom can be positioned precisely where you need it.The 1.52m articulating jib has a 135° vertical rotation to accurately position workers. The platform capacity is 227kg.

To conclude, the Genie Z 51/30J is a great all-round machine and makes an excellent addition to any construction site. One of the greatest benefits of this machine is just how maneuverable it is.  You can very easily and precisely lift workers to exactly where they need to be, lifting them up and over a variety of obstacles. If you are working on a job where precision is important, this could be the ideal machine for you.

What are the differences between the Genie 5390 and the Genie Z 51/30J?

The Genie 5390  scissor lift features a much bigger working platform that can hold up to 680kg, so if you need to lift many workers or heavy pieces of building equipment or tools, the scissor lift is your best bet. However, the scissor lift can only raise workers straight up and down. If you’re needing to reach over obstacles, the Genie Z 51/30J is a much more versatile piece of equipment. Both machines work well on rough terrain and are both capable of operating on sloped surfaces, thanks to their high gradeability.

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