HL275 Scissor Lift vs S85 Boom Lift

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The Holland Lift HL275 Scissor Lift vs the Genie S85 Boom Lift

 In the battle of mega MEWPs that operate at impressive heights, two lifts stand head and shoulders above the rest. The Holland Lift HL275 and Genie S85 Boom Lift both reach a working height of 27 meters. But which lift will take you to greater heights? We compare the two machines to see which one comes out tops.

The Holland Lift HL275 Scissor Lift

The Holland Lift HL-275 can access working heights of 27.5m, ideal for straight up and down access. The HL275 is often found accessing high shelves in high bay warehousing, assisting with electrical installations many storeys off the ground, and the cladding of new buildings.

The lift features a large 6.15m × 2.50m deck, which can be extended to 8.25m × 2.50m if necessary. The platform capacity is 1000kg with a working height of 27.5 metres.

The HL275 has a unique wheel base, which is 60 cm longer than other available scissor lifts.

The advantages of the Holland Lift HL275 Scissor Lift

This scissor lift can be used indoors, and the non-marking tires can be driven on interior flooring. In fact, this scissor lift is ideal for use in tall warehouses and cold storage units.

The HL275 is one of the tallest scissor lifts available in South Africa.

Combine the l000kg lifting capacity, the large extendable deck and the impressive working height, and you get a machine capable of lifting large amounts of material to height, safely and efficiently.  This MEWP is ideal for tasks like building cladding and insulation work, where both workers and materials can be lifted at the same time.

Genie S-85 RT 4X4 Boom Lift

The Genie S-85 RT 4×4 has a working height of 27.91m.

The boom lift is the ideal tool for construction, roofing and cladding, film shoots and much more. The perfect tool for construction sites and outdoor jobs on uneven ground.

The Genie S-85 offers superior reach and positioning. In fact, the unit offers 21.80m of horizontal reach, allowing the opportunity to manoeuvre into the right spot.

The lift is capable of 360˚continuous rotation turntable for quick positioning. This makes it a great option for tight spaces. The fixed-width axles allow for faster setup.

The Genie S-85 comes with ramped boom control system that provides smooth boom functions and finer control.

The advantages of the Genie S-85 RT 4X4 Boom Lift

This boom lift is ideal for rocky terrain and uneven ground. The 4X4 capabilities with positive traction drive maintain equal power to all drive wheels, allowing the machine to operate in rugged environments.

This unit maneuvers particularly well with the 360˚continuous rotation and 21.8m of horizontal outreach. The boom lift can stretch out over obstacles in the way, reaching even the trickiest spots.

Which MEWP suits your needs?

Both the Genie S-85 and the Holland Lift HL275 offer significant advantages. While the boom lift is ideal for rough, outdoor locations, the scissor lift is capable of working both indoors and out.

The HL275 offers a much greater lifting capacity than the Genie S-85, being able to lift a full metric ton.

The Genie S-85 has a smaller work platform that the HL275 scissor lift, which has a platform that can be extended to offer more space.

The Genie S-85 is a highly maneuverable machine, with the ability to move quickly and easily into tight spots.

Where can I buy or hire MEWP?

If you’re looking for a MEWP for your next project, speak to the experts at Concord Access Solutions for a personalised recommendation. We offer a wide range of work platforms with options to suit every scenario.