Introducing a valued Concord Access Solutions partner: AssetPool


Concord Access Solutions avoids unnecessary admin and delays with AssetPool, an app which provides asset management through automated asset compliance & verification software.

Introducing AssetPool Services

What is AssetPool?

 Included in the CAS service offering is an automated asset compliance and verification software. Simply put, the AssetPool app can determine the who, what, where and when in relation to every asset inspection.

It’s an app that gives us the opportunity to monitor, measure, record and manage faster and more accurately than ever before.

AssetPool is an app which includes asset management software that assists with automated asset compliance and verification. It can be used for paperless asset registration, checklists and management.

This intelligent software solution can help to streamline our business’s processes, while saving both time and money.

Concord Access Solutions and AssetPool – a brilliant combination

AssetPool asset management services has been working with Concord Access Solutions since 2019 to help us manage our machines. We have a fleet of over 1000 machines nationally. Management need to constantly keep an eye on each machine in terms of:

What condition is the asset in?

  • Has the asset been correctly maintained?
  • Where is the asset currently located?
  • When was it last serviced?
  • Who is in charge of each asset?
  • Does the asset need any form of maintenance?

This asset maintenance software helps Concord Access Solutions make informed decisions about their fleet in real time.

How can AssetPool benefit a business?

 It can revolutionise a business’s processes, save time, save revenue, and optimise workflows.

  • A few of the app’s benefits include:
  • Streamlining processes and improving control systems
  • Saves time and money
  • Generates compliance reports
  • Revolutionises asset protection controls
  • Geo-location – provides live location for machines, staff and progress updates
  • Reporting tools for damages and accidents
  • Protects quality of machines
  • Protects equipment, the supplier, the client and the insurer.
  • Suitable for single or recurring jobs
  • Live management of overall risk exposure – manage risk before it becomes an issue

Gone are the days of keeping paper checklists and carbon copy books. AssetPool automates the process of generating reports with a live interactive risk dashboard that can improve and advance on how we and our clients manage our equipment or fleet.

Concord Access Solutions and AssetPool

AssetPool has been able to simply and effectively transform the monitoring and management of our machines and move CAS’s processes from paper-based to digital.

Concord Access Solutions first introduced the this asset tracking software platform in August 2019. Although they needed to onboard over 1000 machines, and train 120 staff to use the software, the entire system was fully up and running by the end of the November.

By using this software, our team was able to do away with cumbersome paper processes. Any machine that was damaged or needed repair could quickly and easily be identified.

CAS uses AssetPool to monitor physical condition of all machines. If an asset is damaged, they can pin point when and where the damage occurred, and hold the responsible party accountable.

A number of quality control checks are performed when the machines are returned to the Access Solutions yard, and further checks take place on dispatch, delivery and collection.

The many advantages

By using this software, employee efficiency is improved, and performance management is easier to assess.

  • Anytime access

Using Geolocation, AssetPool helps to keep track of the physical location of both machinery and employees.

At any time, managers can access information on a specific piece of equipment, monitor it’s condition and check on its location. Because it is cloud-base, managers have full access to every detail they need about their asset’s condition and location, even when the machinery is located on the other side of the country.

  • No need for cell phone reception

 AssetPool even works in areas with no cell phone reception. An employee can sign in to the app on their device when you have access to cell phone or Wifi signal, and update the app. They then work offline all day if they need to. As soon as they enter an area with cellular reception or WiFi, the app will automatically sync with the AWS-Hosted Cloud Database, hosted in London and Cape Town, sending all necessary information to the cloud.

  • Assists with the insurance process.

Using the app, a business will have proof of the status and location of machinery, so that the insurer can see where damage took place, and whether servicing and maintenance checks were performed.

The Goscor Access Solutions and AssetPool partnership ensures that machinery is regularly and thoroughly checked, ensuring the equipment you hire is safe and in the best possible working condition.

Concord Access Solutions and AssetPool – ensuring safety and the highest quality, together.

Check out the app demo here: