Introducing the Limited Edition ATN Piaf & ATN Zebra 16 Boom Lifts


Goscor Access Solutions is proud to launch to market the limited edition ATN Piaf 10RE and ATN Zebra 16S mast boom lifts. These all-new, state-of-the-art vertical mast boom lifts offer brilliant new features and benefits that the market has yet to experience. Both ATN vertical boom lifts are fitted with onboard, full-colour LCD monitors for easy diagnostics and fault-finding abilities and offer working heights of between 10 – 16m.

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What is a vertical mast lift?

Simply put, a vertical mast lift is an aerial work platform that can access areas of height thanks to its ability to move up and down. Vertical mast lifts are commonly used in the manufacturing and warehousing sectors, in construction, and in the retail industry too.

Features of the ATN Piaf 10RE

The new ATN Piaf 10RE replaces the previous Piaf 1000R model. The 10RE is an all-electric drive and transmission model with a working height of 10m and an indoor lift capacity of 200kgs. The ATN Piaf 10RE promises the following excellent benefits:

  • Smoother operation and more torque from the electric motors
  • More energy efficiency and ‘greener’ technology
  • Less maintenance
  • Lower risk of hydraulic leaks

Thanks to the electrical transmission and controls, providing smoother movements and a more powerful drive, the ATN Piaf 10RE is suited for indoor work where working space is restricted. The ATN Piaf range is designed to be compact with zero tail swing, 356-degree turntable rotation, and being just 1m in width, therefore allowing it to easily fit between racking, machinery, and equipment.

The machine is perfect for maintenance work, and stock taking or picking in manufacturing, warehousing, and retail environments where a small, quiet machine is needed to operate with zero emissions and without obstructing the flow of work or people.

Features of the ATN Zebra 16S

The ATN Zebra range itself is not new to the Concord Access Solutions range, however, the ATN Zebra 16S (Stab) is new to our range as a limited edition, off-road, 4×4 wheel drive, and 4-wheel steer machine. The Zebra 16S is the only diesel boom lift with self-levelling outriggers that offers a working height of 16.8m and a lift capacity of 230kgs.

The ATN Zebra 16S is a nimble machine that can be positioned precisely in confined work areas. It has a much tighter turning circle with four steering modes (front only, rear only, crab steer, and co-operative mode), and will easily maneuver into tight spaces and go anywhere on site, including steep slopes, by using its stabilizers. It also has a class-leading horizontal outreach of 9.3m where most equivalent machines reach a little over 7m.

Limited Edition Boom Lifts For Sale And Hire

How much does it cost to rent a towable boom lift?

If you are keen to find out more about how to rent or own the new ATN Piaf 10RE or the ATN Zebra 16S, contact Concord Access Solutions today. We have a limited number of these machines for purchase and in our rental fleet.

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