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The World of MEWP Equipment

At Concord Access Solutions, we’re proud to be a trusted South African and now, African access equipment supplier of reliable and quality brands for most access solutions. Many of our customers ask us what the best brands are for aerial platform work because they want reliability and quality as well as a machine that will ensure the safety of the staff and products.

It’s a great question indeed, and we are proud to say that we offer some of the most trusted brands in the international space. From Genie and Holland Lift to ATN and Teupen, our range of MEWP quality brands such as cherry pickers or boom lifts, scissor liftstelehandlerslighting towers and material lifts offer excellent features and benefits.

But first, let’s understand what aerial access work is and then we can speak about the best brands in the market.

What is MEWP?

MEWP stands for a mobile elevated work platform and is otherwise known as an aerial work platform (AWP). These kinds of machines are used to give access to areas which may be difficult to access and can also often be too high to reach without assistance.

MEWP’s are often used in construction when developing large buildings that are more than a few stories high, or in the warehousing field where products need to be loaded or unloaded in large, high warehouses. They are also used by maintenance companies like road maintenance or building maintenance companies as well as emergency services in order to reach high or tough to access areas. Whether it’s access equipment for construction, building maintenance, packing shelves and repairing pipes or installing lights, cleaning windows, painting ceilings and retrieving stock, Concord Access Solutions provides mobile elevating work platforms for all your access equipment requirements.

No matter what the industry, when working with MEWP’s or aerial work platforms, most companies want the same thing out of this very specialised kind of machine – reliability, efficiency and of course, safety.

Let’s chat now about the kinds of brands available in South Africa, and which brands are certainly a cut above the rest.

Which brands are best for aerial platform work?

Which brands are best for aerial platform work?

Some companies promise to be the market leaders in aerial access platforms but only offer one brand of machine. At Concord Access Solutions, we let you be the judge of the kind of quality and performance you want from a machine, and that’s why we offer you a few leading brands to choose from.

Take a look at the list of brands we proudly offer, and consider to be the best in the business:


Since 1966, Genie has focused on what customers really want and need in their industries and they’ve focused their designs on creating innovations with applications that really work. They promise quality, reliability and safety as a standard in all of their aerial lift equipment and at Concord Access Solutions we certainly believe they do.

Holland Lift

For the past 35 years, Holland Lift has dedicated themselves to designing and manufacturing uniquely built, robust mobile elevated work platforms. Their designs have proven themselves time and time again to be some of the most stable and safe aerial platforms in the world. With excellent specs and features, at Concord Access Solutions we recommend using a Holland Lift for the toughest and most extreme aerial platform work needed.


German precision-engineering at its best is what you’ll come to expect from Teupen high access platforms. Since 1977 they’ve forged themselves as a pioneer in the aerial access platform space. Their vision is simple; “to be the world’s leading solutions partner for every access challenge at height, ensuring workers safety.”


French-company ATN began in 2000 with the aim of injecting fresh and exciting new ideas and developments into the aerial work platform sector. The company strives towards creating, designing and building machines that meet the specific and tailor-made needs of its clients, and thanks to their vast experience and knowledge they have certainly achieved this and continue to do so with each machine.

Why choose Goscor Access Solutions for your MEWP requirements?

There are some very well-known and trusted aerial access equipment brands in South Africa but we believe that the brands we offer like Genie, Holland Lift, ATN and Teupen are superior in many ways;


At Concord Access Solutions, we offer a variety of types of aerial platform machines like cherry pickersscissor lifts and telehandlers. Thanks to our wide range of machine options, our customers are able to choose the machine that best suits their needs.

Brand Diversity

We don’t just stock one type of brand. We’ve diversified our brand offering to include some of the best international brands from USA and Europe. The brands we offer come from all over the globe to offer excellence in design and quality.

A Common Promise

We’ve sourced the brands we offer by first making sure they believe in a common purpose, safety. All the brands we offer place safety at the top of their priority list and have designed machines that are safe, reliable and engineered to the highest of standards.

Who offers quality aerial work platform brands?

We promise to provide you with machines that are as safe whilst being robust and efficient enough to do the job. We adhere to strict international safety standards and strive to provide excellence in our service, maintenance and operator training.

Let Concord Access Solutions be your trusted equipment solutions company today.

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