Using Cherry Pickers For Warehousing

The World of MEWP Equipment

We often don’t even think about the back-end process when we’re ordering online. But as soon as you hit the “order now” button, a chain of events is turned on behind the scenes to make sure your goods are selected, packed and delivered to you safely in a few days’ time.

The COVID-19 pandemic made many warehousing, logistics and retail businesses with outdated methods for moving and storing stock, reassess their efficiency. People became more likely to order their goods online and avoid the stores altogether. Businesses with outdated methods soon realised that they needed more efficient machinery to work in this rapidly changing environment in order to prevent lost time and money, and ultimately customers too.

This is where the cherry picker came in.

Benefits of Warehouse Cherry Picker Machines

Cherry picker lifts, otherwise known as boom lifts, are used to improve warehouse operations the world over. The warehousing industry, from retail to logistics, is changing rapidly and business owners understand that having quality machinery is as essential as having well-performing staff.

Here’s what cherry pickers or electric warehouse lifts do in warehousing spaces which makes them so beneficial operations:

Accessing High Shelving/Spaces

Instead of getting a member of staff to climb up fatally-high ladders and take their time to safely pick goods, cherry pickers (with their excellent reach heights) can be manoeuvred into place quickly and their booms reached up high to access high shelving where products are stocked.

Picking Stock

Staff are able to stand on the platform of the cherry picker, pick the goods or items needed from the areas they are stored in and place them safely in the platform bucket. Several items and products can be collected all at once because the platform can withstand carrying heavy loads. This means less time is spent and more goods can be collected in one go.

Lifting Staff and Equipment

Staff can be lifted up to out-of-the-way places and heights in order to pick stock. Businesses that were using outdated machines or unsafe machines, were posing a risk to their staff who needed to access heights.


Routine maintenance of shelving, storage or warehouse structures can be done with ease with cherry pickers because of their reach heights and heavy-lifting capabilities.

To sum up the benefits of warehouse and retail lifting machines in operations and business terms, here are the main benefits of using these efficient, agile lifting machines in the warehousing industry:

  • Less time to complete tasks means stock can be found and picked quicker and sent to dispatch quicker too = saving money.
  • Less time taken to get stock to dispatch means quicker delivery times to customers = improved customer experience.
  • Less time, saving money and better customer experience = a better brand experience. Your customers are more likely to use your time and again and recommend you more often too.

Concord Access Solutions offers a range of cherry pickers that can help your warehouse keep up with the demands of efficient stock movement. Our cherry pickers are easy to operate and can be used for a variety of tasks, including stock picking, order assembly, and repackaging.

Contact Concord Access Solutions today to hire the perfect boom lift for your needs now.


What are the uses of a cherry picker in warehousing?

Cherry pickers are used to locate, pick, and lift stock in a warehousing environment. They are usually used to pick stock from high, hard-to-reach spaces that people cannot access by themselves.