What Are Telehandlers And Their Uses?

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What are telehandlers?

A telescopic handler – also known as a telehandler – is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you’ll find on a building site. The telehandler features an extendable boom which can be fitted with a number of attachments in order to increase functionality.

Telehandlers can lift people, equipment, ground matter, supplies and much more using telehandler attachments. These attachments include a pallet fork, bucket, bucket-grab, muck grab and crane jib.

What are telehandlers used for?

The main function of a telehandler is to move matter (and people) off the ground.

The difference between a telehandler and a forklift is that a telehandler can do so much more. Telehandlers fitted with a pallet fork can do everything a forklift can do and by adding additional attachments, the functionality of the telehandler surpasses the forklift.

Material lift telehandlers can lift goods like building materials, bricks, steel bars, industrial pipes, timber and cement off the ground.

A good telehandler can replicate the function of a forklift, crane and aerial work platform. By quickly switching attachments, this construction workhorse can handle almost anything you throw at it.

We offer diesel-powered telehandlers that are capable of lifting heavy loads and lifting goods high off the ground. The largest units can reach heights of 17m, whilst lifting a weight of up to 4T. Smaller, more compact units are also available, and these units have other advantages including a tight turning circle.

Agricultural telehandlers

Telehandlers aren’t just useful pieces of equipment on construction sites, they are also surprisingly helpful on farms, where they are used for a number of different tasks.

A telehandler has a relatively tight turning circle and is thereby useful for manoeuvring in a farm shed or small yard. They make easy work of stacking hay bales and can be used for lifting feed or grain. They can be used to move ground matter and even manure. On farms, one of the most common attachments for a telehandler is a bucket or bucket grab as you can then use the machine to reach directly into a high-sided trailer or hopper to pick up and move loads.

With its ability to lift, carry, pull and dig, a telehandler makes a great all-rounder on any site whether it be construction or a farm.