An access solution perfect for warehousing, stocktaking and maintenance

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GAS’s HL-220 E12 is a scissor lift ideal for tasks that require the safe lifting of people and materials in stocktaking, warehousing and maintenance scenarios.

Ideal access solutions for warehousing, stocktaking and maintenance

Perhaps you’re looking for a warehousing solution that can help you reach high shelves in a large warehouse? Or maybe you need to perform regular building maintenance that requires lifting workers up to high levels both inside and outside of a building? Maybe you need a work platform that allows you to perform electrical work, painting or plumbing work at height?

Introducing the Holland High Level Scissor Lift HL-220 E12

The Holland Lift HL-220 E12 is a high level scissor lift that can be used for working at heights safely.

This scissor lift is commonly used for building maintenance, mechanical engineering tasks, electrical contracting, cleaning, painting, warehousing and stock keeping. Basically, anywhere you might have used scaffolding before is ideal for a scissor lift.

The lift provides a working height of 21.7m. Because it is completely electric, it doesn’t emit fumes and can be used safely indoors. The electric motor is also quiet, and can be used inside buildings without creating a great disturbance. It can fit into narrow spaces, like those found in tightly-packed warehouses. The lift can be moved under load while fully extended.

The Holland Lift HL-220 can lift 500kg (or approximately 340kg together with two people).

The unit comes standard with a range of safety features, ensuring that workers will be kept safe while performing their jobs. The inclusion of a second emergency exit on the extension platform is a recent safety innovation added to the HL-220.

Do I need a scissor lift or a cherry picker?

If you’re wondering if a scissor lift (like the Holland Lift HL-220) or a cherry picker (like the Genie Z36/37)is a better choice for you, here are some points to consider.

If you need to lift multiple workers or a heavy load, a scissor lift offers a great stable worktop that can be lifted to heights of around 20 meters.

If you need to lift workers higher than 20 meters, or you need to reach over obstacles, a cherry picker telescopic boom lift is a great option as the arm can be lifted to position workers in harder-to-reach places.

A cherry picker is not as manoeuvrable as a scissor lift, but it can offer horizontal movement. Scissor lifts can only go up and down, and therefore they must be positioned directly beneath the work area.

A scissor lift is great for heavy loads, offering a greater lift capacity than a telescopic boom.

Hiring or renting a scissor lift

You’ll find a scissor lift like the Holland High Level Scissor Lift HL-220 can quickly become an indispensable addition to a warehouse where goods are often being lifted to higher shelves and racks. In this case, purchasing a scissor lift makes sense, as the unit will be in use daily.

Hiring a scissor lift is a good alternative if you only need the equipment for a short period of time. Perhaps if you’re painting the exterior of your building, performing yearly maintenance, working on the electricals or plumbing. It’s possible to rent a unit for days, weeks or even months instead of purchasing the equipment.

Concord Access Solutions offer a range of scissor lifts, cherry pickers and other mobile elevating work platforms. You’re sure to find the ideal solution for your business. Get in touch with one of our sales specialists to assist you with an access solution that suits your exact requirements.

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