Cherry Picker Rentals: Reach New Heights with Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness

The World of MEWP Equipment

In today’s industrialised world, mobile access and lifting equipment play a crucial role in completing projects efficiently and safely. When it comes to working at heights, cherry pickers offer a versatile solution.

In this article, we will explore the convenience and cost-effectiveness of cherry picker rentals, providing businesses with a flexible and affordable way to reach new heights. Discover how cherry picker rentals can elevate your project’s success while optimizing costs.

The Convenience of Renting a Cherry Picker

When you have short-term projects or varying access requirements, renting a cherry picker is a convenient choice. Rental companies offer a wide range of cherry picker options, allowing you to choose the perfect equipment for your specific project needs. From narrow indoor models to robust outdoor machines, cherry picker rentals provide the flexibility to adapt to different job sites.

An additional benefit to businesses is that when you rent a cherry picker, the rental company is responsible for handling the delivery, setup, and maintenance of the equipment, which will save you and your team time and effort.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Cherry Picker Rentals

One common concern when considering equipment is the cost. However, cherry picker rentals offer cost advantages over purchasing and maintaining your own equipment. Cherry picker rental costs allow you to select the most suitable cherry picker for each project, optimizing costs and efficiency. Additionally, you avoid the expenses associated with equipment storage, maintenance, and repairs, freeing up your budget for other business needs.

Factors to Consider When Renting Cherry Pickers

To ensure the success of your project, it’s crucial to consider several factors when renting a cherry picker. Take your time when considering these questions:

  • What is the reach height requirements?
  • What is the load capacity required to be lifted?
  • What kind of manoeuvrability is required?
  • Is there a need for adaptability of the equipment to your specific site conditions and what restrictions are there in terms of size, weight of equipment and access to the site?
  • What are the maintenance requirements?

Here’s a breakdown of each factor you need to consider:

#1 – Reach Height

Evaluate the maximum height that the cherry picker can reach. Consider the specific requirements of your project, such as the height of the work area or the access points needed. Determine if you need a cherry picker with vertical or horizontal reach capabilities, depending on the nature of the tasks involved. Ensure that the cherry picker’s reach height allows you to safely and efficiently complete your project.

#2 – Load Capacity

Assess the weight capacity of the cherry picker to ensure it can handle the materials, equipment, or personnel that will be lifted. Consider the combined weight of the operator, tools, and any additional load that will be carried on the platform. Choosing a cherry picker with an appropriate load capacity is crucial for maintaining safety and preventing overloading.

#3 – Manoeuvrability

Evaluate the manoeuvrability features of the cherry picker, including its turning radius, steering options, and ease of navigation in confined or tight spaces. Consider the dimensions of the equipment to ensure it can access the work area without any obstacles or limitations. A cherry picker with good manoeuvrability will enhance productivity and allow for efficient movement around the job site.

#4 – Adaptability to Site Conditions

Assess the site conditions, such as terrain, surface stability, or indoor/outdoor requirements, and ensure that the cherry picker is suitable for those conditions. Consider factors such as rough terrain capabilities, tyre types, and outrigger features for stability on uneven ground. Verify if the cherry picker is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use if you require versatility across different project environments. Importantly, assess the work area for any restrictions in terms of equipment size. This includes the ability to enter the area and setup/operate safely, and the weight when working on, for example, more sensitive surfaces or above underground basement parking, amongst others.

Another important requirement to note would be is there electricity available on site? Depending on the units requirements, if it is an electric or diesel unit. Electric Access Machines need at least 8 hours to fully charge.

#5 – Equipment Reliability and Maintenance

Choose a reputable cherry picker rental company that provides well-maintained and reliable equipment. Inquire about the maintenance history and service records of the cherry pickers available for rent. Ensure that the rental company follows proper maintenance schedules and conducts regular inspections to minimize the risk of breakdowns and project delays.

Safety Considerations and Compliance When Renting a Cherry Picker

Safety should be a top priority when working at heights. When renting a cherry picker, it is essential to choose equipment that meets safety standards and certifications. Look for features such as fall protection systems, emergency controls, and stability mechanisms. Reputable rental companies prioritize safety compliance and can provide guidance and support to ensure a secure working environment.

Choosing a Reliable Cherry Picker Rental Provider

Selecting a reliable rental provider is key to a successful rental experience. Look for a company that offers high-quality equipment, regular maintenance, and technical support. Personalized service and ongoing customer support are also valuable, ensuring that you receive assistance throughout your rental period. Research rental rates, customer reviews, and the company’s reputation to make an informed decision.

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