Considerations for Buying and Hiring Access Equipment

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Whether you want to buy or hire access equipment, here are some of the reasons why buying and/or hiring can be beneficial to you and your business.

To buy or to hire? What to consider when looking to buy or hire access solutions:

If you’re looking for a mobile elevating work platform for a project, for the workplace, or even for household needs, you may be asking yourself whether it’s better to buy a machine upfront or simply rent one?

At Concord Access Solutions we offer the option of access equipment for sale or access equipment to hire. Here are a few things that our GAS team suggest you keep in mind when considering whether to buy or rent.

When should you should hire access equipment?

How long do you need the elevating work platform for?

Time and relevance really the most important considerations in deciding whether to hire or buy. If you need a machine to perform a very specific task over a short period of time, you will more than likely choose an access platform to hire.

For example, a company hiring a cherry picker for the emergency construction of a temporary hospital will require the machine to be on site for a short period of time (emergency timeline) to do a specific the number of tasks. Due to the minimum time needed for this (approx. 2-3 weeks) and a very strict schedule, we would recommend hiring a machine.

When should you purchase an access machine?

When looking for a more permanent solution, we suggest you consider purchasing. For example, a retail company that makes use of a large storage warehouse may require several scissor lifts to 1) safely access stock on high shelves and/or 2) assist with stock counts on a regular basis.

Signage, events and logistics companies are among many that would most likely benefit more from purchasing an access machine versus renting one. Companies that generally run routine or regular jobs over long periods of time e.g. a year, would generally benefit from purchasing a machine. A cherry picker or scissor lift can be used for painting, wiring and plumbing issues. They can also be used to change lightbulbs, wash windows, clean air ducts and access very high ceilings for other maintenance work. If your company has a large premises, or buildings with high ceilings, you may want to consider getting a permanent piece of equipment specifically for these tasks.

Some additional considerations include:

1. Do you have employees qualified to use the equipment?

If you do buy a boom lift, scissor lift or another type of aerial lift, you need to ensure you have someone qualified to operate this machinery. If you can afford to send an employee for training when purchasing the equipment, you would have a qualified member of staff on board who is skilled to operate the machine. Concord Access Solutions does offer this training. Find out more here

If you are looking to rent equipment, it is important to find out if the access solution company can offer skilled and knowledgeable operators to operate the access equipment. Access machinery operators should be licensed with recognised credentials.

2. Do you need a wide range of equipment or a single solution?

There are multiple access machines that offer a multitude of applications which can be used in the most versatile of jobs and environments.
Let’s take a look at the telehandler for example. A telehandler boasts versatility with its multiple attachments – fork, bucket, pallet fork, hook or work platform; enabling one access machine to perform a multitude of tasks. From picking up and lifting objects to lifting workers to suitable heights, this machine increases productivity rates and will save you both time and money. Purchasing a versatile piece of equipment makes sense, as you’ll get your money’s worth using it for on a range of jobs.

Some access machines are made to suit a more specific type of job. Take a telescopic boom lift for example. You would need this to provide height on a job, however, if there is an object on your way, the telescopic boom would not be the right option as it only offers a straight boom reach. The articulated boom lifts can offer you height as well as an up-and-over reach.

In summary, it really depends on the job requirement (specific or general task?) as well as the time spent on the project (regular, long term or short term?).

3. Who will maintain the equipment?

When considering to hire a mobile access platform, find out what kind of support is provided. Will the hiring company provide customer support 24/7? What is the procedure when the machinery breaks down? Is there a technician always available to assess the problem? How quickly will the machine be repaired or replaced?

Generally, you can expect a reputable hiring company to offer substantial support on the machinery they hire out. It is also important to note whether the company hires out their machines in excellent working condition having they been serviced regularly and maintained after each job? Concord Access Solutions makes use of an asset compliance & verification software which gives us the opportunity to monitor, measure, record and manage faster and more accurately than ever before. Find out more here

When deciding on access platforms for sale, be sure to check whether the company you are buying from offers an after-sales service, if they can assist with servicing and repairs, and whether they can sell genuine parts for the machinery you’re buying.

Concord Access Solutions – the perfect solution whether you’re buying or hiring.

Concord Access Solutions offers a diverse fleet of access platforms to both hire and purchase. Our expert team are on hand to offer you the best advice when it comes the differences between buying and renting equipment from us.

We’re known for our excellent service and maintenance team who can help should you have any issues with the machinery you buy or hire. With a support team on call 24 hours a day, there’s always someone here to help.

Included in our service offering:

• Sales and rentals of MEWP’s
• Technical support, servicing and maintenance
• Genuine parts
• Specialist training
• 24/7/365 servicing and support

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