Difference Between Up & Over Booms and Straight & Up Booms

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The difference between Up and Over Booms and Straight and Up Booms

Boom lifts are a mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP’s) or otherwise know as aerial work platforms. They are used in a variety of applications where workers, tools and materials need to be lifted to extended heights.

There are two main types of boom lifts: up and over (or articulating) booms and straight and up (or telescopic) booms. It is important to understand the difference between these two types of boom lifts in order to make the correct decision based on project requirements.

Types of Booms Lifts:

An ‘up and over’ or articulating boom lift

An articulating boom, also called a knuckle boom lift, can be moved into tight spaces or around obstacles. An articulating boom lift is best used for complex structures or in tight and crowded spaces. The multiple boom sections hinge — or ‘articulate’ so the boom can move up and over obstacles.

Why choose an up and over boom?

This boom is ideal for confined work areas and congested spaces.

Articulated booms can also help when you need to reach a space that may have obstacles obstructing the pathway. These versatile models can reach up and out to access work areas above obstacles.

Some up and over booms feature lug-tread tires and four-wheel drive making them a suitable choice for outdoor work on rough and uneven terrains.

‘Straight and up’ or telescopic booms

Straight and up booms (also called stick booms or telescopic booms) are aerial work platforms that can extend telescopically. These booms have the best horizontal outreach. Telescopic booms are widely used in the construction, industrial and entertainment industries. They can also prove extremely valuable in civils projects such as road and bridge building projects.

Why choose a straight and up boom?

This boom is ideal when you need a combination of height and outreach. They are ideal for accessing work at a distance.

Straight and up booms with 4X4 capabilities can be used on rugged sites. These machines can ride and stand on rough terrain, and the telescopic boom can reach over inaccessible areas to get workers into the perfect position. A telescopic boom has more horizontal reach than an up and over boom, so it can be used to reach out over a greater distance.

These telescopic booms are great at getting workers or equipment up off the ground quickly. In a matter of minutes, this boom can be raised to the required working height and reach.

Selecting the right boom lift for you

When choosing a boom, start by assessing the project requirements. What height do you need the boom to extend? A telescopic boom will generally have a higher reach. What are the space limitations? Are there any weight limitations? This will determine how heavy your boom can be. Are you working indoors? If so, an electric boom lift is advisable. What kind of movement do you need, vertical or horizontal or both? If you need to articulate the boom over a variety of obstacles, an up and over boom is probably best.

Boom lifts for sale and hire

If you’re looking for a telescopic boom or an articulating boom for your next project, speak to Concord Access Solutions. If you’re not sure, speak to us. We are here to MAKE THINGS SIMPLE FOR YOU! Our team can help guide you in the right direction so that you hire the or purchase machinery best suited to your next project.