Finding The Right Scissor Lift For Your Project And Business

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Scissor lifts offer an attractive alternative to stairs, ladders and scaffolding. In fact, you’ll find scissor lifts in a variety of settings, including construction sites, warehouses and even farms.

If you’re looking for the perfect scissor lift to suit your needs, you need to keep in mind the size of the lift, the height you require and the type of ground you will be using the lift on.

Is a scissor lift right for your next project?

Scissor lifts provides a number of benefits over traditional ladders and platforms. The actual platform of the lift is relatively large and can safely lift a worker along with tools and equipment to the required height. Many scissor lifts have guard rails around them, ensuring workers are protected when lifted off the ground. Scissor lifts can be easily maneuvered to where they need to be with their built in wheel systems, and many scissor lifts can be used outdoors on rough terrain.

What are scissor lifts used for?

Scissor lifts are used to access hard-to-reach areas in order to perform whatever work is required. Many warehouses use smaller scissor lifts that lift objects like pallets up to the top of shelving units. You’ll also see scissor lifts used on docks and at railroad depots for loading and unloading cargo.

On large construction sites, you’ll find scissor lifts used to reach higher floors of buildings. Workers may use scissor lifts for tasks such as bricklaying and window installation on second and third stories. Scissor lifts are often used for building maintenance, allowing workmen to access high ceilings for changing bulbs, painting and plumbing.

How do scissor lifts work?

A scissor lift gets its name from the folding pantograph lifting system which looks like a series of criss-cross arms. This pantograph mechanism raises a platform up and down. The platform usually has safety railings around it to protect the workers using the lift. The bottom of the unit has a body with wheels, so that the scissor lift can be moved easily from place to place. Larger scissor lift units designed to work outdoors often have rugged tires which are capable of moving over rough terrain.

Types of Scissor Lifts

There’s a scissor lift suitable for every application. Whether you’re looking for a large lift to lift workers and materials many stories up, or a smaller lift designed to reach only a few meters in the air, you’ll find a scissor lift that suits your needs.

Low Level Scissor Lifts

Low level scissor lifts are great for indoor areas like warehouses and hangers. Generally, lower level scissor lifts reach between 7 and 14 meters. A low level scissor lift is generally powered by an electric motor, making them very quiet.

High Level Scissor Lifts

If you need to access higher floors or outdoor work areas, a High Level Scissor Lift is required. These generally start at 17 meters. High lifts are available in both electric and diesel models. Diesel scissor lifts often feature 4X4 drive wheels which can handle rough terrain and demanding sites. High level lifts are often used to access high telephone and electrical wires.

How high can scissor lifts go?

The Holland Lift HL-275 4×4 is a diesel scissor lift offered by Concord Access Solutions that can reach an impressive height of 27.5 meters. The PB Lifttechnik 225-12ES is an electric model that also reaches high levels with a working height of 22.5 meters.

Find the perfect scissor lift for you needs

If you’re looking for a scissor lift for a project or business, Concord Access Solutions should be your first point of call. With 17 different scissor lift models on offer, we’re sure to have one to suit your needs. Our sales team can help guide you to make the right choice, taking into account your budget and needs. Concord offer both scissor lifts for sale and for rent.