Heavy Lifting Solutions for Wind Turbine Installation

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Renewable energy projects require the machinery that we specialise in. Look at the types of elevating work platforms needed in the transportation and installation of wind turbines

The renewable energy sector in South Africa is a booming business thanks to the variety of natural resources we have at our disposal. From wind and tidal power to light and geothermal power, renewable energy is fast becoming the most sustainable energy solution for both the country and businesses across it.

Wind power is one of the fastest-growing green energy sources in our country.  Throughout the country, most especially along the coastal regions on the Eastern and Western Cape, one can witness the large-scale wind farms for yourself as they stretch for kilometers across the land.

When it comes to the transportation and installation of these huge giants, it takes a very specific kind of renewable energy transport company to get the job done. Concord Access Solutions, partners with their Bud Group partner, Concord Cranes, to offer green transport services of these large working parts of wind turbines from port to destination.

Let’s look at what wind turbines are, and what kind of machinery it takes to get them transported and installed.

How do wind turbines work?

Wind turbines use a very simple process of using wind to create electricity. The wind turns the propellers or blades of the turbine, which is connected to a motor or generator, which then creates electricity. Wind turbines that are installed on these large-scale wind farms are huge pieces of machinery and can have a blade length of around 260 feet, standing around 200m tall.

How are wind turbines transported and installed?

To get the moving pieces of wind turbines safely to their destination, requires the planning and transportation of the various parts from their arrival ports to their destination on the wind farms, as well as their installation and erection on site once they are there.

This requires a range of specialised machinery, that Concord Access Solutions specialises in.

Let’s look at the different types of mobile elevating work platforms needed in the transportation and installation of wind turbines.


Telehandlers have proved very valuable in the renewable energy sector. GAS hires out telehandlers for the handling and transportation of turbine ancillary equipment from the buffer yad to the turbine stand. Not only do they assist in building the crane, but telescopic handlers also load and offload a variety of materials, including electric cables and other components.

These robust, all-terrain handlers come with a variety of attachments, making them versatile and ideal for offloading of materials right through to the clean-up operations and loading of equipment when the project is complete.

Learn more about the strength and versatility of the telescopic handlers we offer for hire and sale now.

Lighting Towers

Working around the clock is critical in the renewable energy sector and our lighting towers make this possible. A minimum of two light towers are required for each turbine stand – one to shine upwards and one to shine downwards. The lighting towers are compact and robust. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and be easily moved from stand to stand.

Goscor Compressed Air Systems, is another Bud Group partner of ours, that supplies the generators to keep these light towers going all day and all night until the job is done.

Learn more about our portable and efficient lighting towers for hire and sale now. 

Lattice Boom Lifts

Concord Cranes, our Bud Group Partner, has just introduced the Liebherr LG 1750 crane. The LG 1750 has the flexibility of a 750t crawler crane combined with the mobility of a high-speed mobile crane, combining the benefits of these two crane types in a single concept. The crane boasts a flexible turntable and boom system together with an eight-axle chassis of the very latest design, with speed-dependent rear-axle steering. That makes the LG 1750 mobile crane ideal for fast erection work for wind power, industrial construction, or infrastructure work.

Super Boom Lifts:

These impressive machines provide height access to the tower sections to apply the vertical and horizontal grouting on the concrete turbines. Super boom lifts also play an important role in providing access to the tower sections and turbine blades to perform the cleaning, repair, and maintenance work.

At Concord Access Solutions, we offer the Genie SX180 RT 4×4 for hire or sale, one of the most specialised super boom lifts on the market that is ideal for wind turbine installation. It has a vertical reach of 180ft, a horizontal reach of 80ft and a working height of almost 57m.

Learn more about the Genie SX180 RT 4×4 for hire and sale now.

Spider Cranes:

Spider cranes are used in the installation of wind turbines because they boast impressive lifting power as well as the ability to get into places where bigger cranes or trucks cannot access. Mini cranes are used in the erection of the turbine blades, as well as during the maintenance of the turbines itself during routine repairs or blade exchanges.

Learn more about our range of spider cranes for hire and sale now.

If you are looking for a wind turbine installation company in Southern Africa, contact us today for a turnkey solution from transport, rigging, lifting and installation.

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