Insight Into The Key Distinctions Between AC And DC Drives

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Understanding the AC-type drive

In our electric scissors and boom lifts, AC-type drives are used to control the motor’s speed. The ‘AC’ stands for ‘alternating current.’ An AC-type drive is also referred to as adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive and a variable speed drive. The AC-type drive serves a very Important function in the mechanical operating process because it minimises energy consumption, increases process control, enhances efficient energy generation and minimizes mechanical stress.

The GS4655 scissor lift and the Z60/60 FE Z33/18 boom lifts all feature the AC-type drive and prove perfect for indoor job sites and jobs that require lengthy operation time periods.

The Genie GS-4655 Slab Scissor Lift

If you are looking for a scissor lift with a greater lift capacity, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Genie GS-4655 is a great choice.

This scissor lift is robust and eco-friendly, ideal for both high indoor and outdoor access in restricted spaces. Offering a combination of both working height and lifting capacity capabilities, this powerful lift will maximise productivity on site. It can reach a working height of 15.95m indoors and 8.55 m outdoors. Indoors it is capable of lifting three people to full height, while outdoors it can take two. The large 1.2m work platform has a slide out extension deck.

The Genie Z-33/18 Boom Lift

The Z-33/18 articulating electric boom lift from Genie is an ideal tool for hard to reach places. The boom lift can drive through a standard double doorway, and can easily make its way around obstacles. The tight turning radius and turntable rotation ensure it is highly manoeuvrable. Because it is light and compact, it can be used indoors, and will not damage floors in shopping centres, theatres and airports. It can be driven at full height, and it also features the Genie Fast Mast™ boom system, which allows the operator to descend and retrieve materials and quickly return to work at height, ensuring optimum productivity.

The Genie Z-60/37 Boom Lift

The Z60/37 FE offers a revolutionary approach to mid-size booms in the industry. It is two machines in one, offering the versatility of a diesel and electric machine combined. The hybrid Genie Z60 FE (fuel & electric) has two modes namely, fully electric mode, which can operate for a full day on a single charge, or the hybrid mode, which offers up to one week run time on a single tank of diesel.

Simply put, the Z60/37 FE, when operating in hybrid mode, allows the generator to kick in when the batteries are in need of a charge. The diesel engine takes over and the motor generator recharges the depleted batteries. In just four hours, the batteries are charged to approximately 80%, allowing the electric engine to take over once again and the diesel engine to stop.

“The concept of the FE’s two-way motor is similar to that of a hybrid car, making this machine incredibly energy efficient and eco-friendly. The FE is, in fact, more powerful than a traditional hydraulic driven machine and only uses 60-70% of the energy consumption of previous models. When the machine brakes, energy is sent back to the batteries through a regenerative system, again preventing wastage of energy” explains Marcus.

An additional selling point of the FE is its 4×4 capabilities. A three-phase AC electric drive motor on each wheel with internal speed sensors allows the onboard computer to send through just enough power and torque to the motor that needs it, ensuring positive electric traction control. Marcus believes that the Z60/37 FE is a game changer in the access equipment arena and offers true market leading technology.

Understanding the DC drive

In contrast, some of our machines feature a DC drive. DC drives are used to convert alternating current into ‘direct current.’ This type of drive is well known for their strong start-up force which proves particularly useful when the machine is working on a job that requires consistency in speed and operational capabilities.

Genie’s efficient electric drive system is both quiet and emission-free, so it is ideal for use in indoor environments. The system offers industry-leading runtime in a compact package, with more run time per charge and more torque. The drive system offers all-day-long productivity, and is particularly useful for applications that require a lot of driving.

The electronic drive system also has less hydraulic points, which the means that it is eco-friendlier and requires less maintenance. The light build is ideal for sensitive floors and weight-restricted areas.

As the world moves towards greener building solutions, Concord Access Solutions are proud to be able to offer machinery and equipment that makes less of a harmful impact on the environment.

The Genie GS-1330m Slab Scissor Lift

If you’re looking for a compact scissor lift for low level and tight access applications, the GS-1330m is ideal.

This scissor lift offers a maximum platform height of 3.9 m and a maximum working height of 5.9m. Featuring Genie’s efficient, all-electric DC drive system, the unit offers productive power for getting around indoor job sites with quiet, zero-emissions operation.

Innovative equipment to hire and for sale

If you’re looking for an innovative range of equipment to help you in your warehouse, or on the job site, consider Genie’s innovative AC or DC drive system machines.

Concord Access Solutions offers a range of Genie equipment for sale and for hire. Our specialist team can guide you to select the ideal piece of equipment for your exact requirements. Contact us today!

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