Introducing Terex Rough Terrain Cranes


Concord Access Solutions is proud to present the Terex range of rough terrain cranes to the South and Southern African market. The Terex rough terrain crane range is the perfect solution for day-to-day lifting and are an essential part of many construction and industrial projects.

In this article, we will take a look at the Terex terrain cranes, what they are, why they are so versatile and what benefits you can expect from using these cranes for your next lifting project.

What are Terex Rough Terrain Cranes?

This type of crane is used for heavy lifting materials no matter the ground type of the size of the space. Rough terrain cranes are designed to offer excellent ground clearance and traction control so that they can perform their lifting, picking, and carrying duties in any kind of rugged terrain. Terex cranes are made by Italian company, Terex, in the Northeast of Italy and are distributed around the world. Goscor Access Solutions offer a range of Terex Rough Terrain Cranes for sale, service and parts

What is The Purpose of Rough Terrain Cranes?

When you’re in construction or mining or similar, and you’re needing lifting capabilities but working on terrain that is not smooth or balanced, you’ll know that the only machine for the job is a rough terrain mobile crane.

Rough terrain cranes are predominantly used for:

  • Working on underdeveloped or unpaved roads
  • Working inside buildings or site with limited space
  • When a crane that can do heavy lifting, picking, and carrying is needed

Terex rough terrain mobile cranes are used for a variety of industries and applications including construction, mining, oil and gas, shipping and logistics, power plants, material handling, general lifting applications, roads and railways, and maintenance works

How Terex Rough Terrain Cranes Can Benefit Your Lifting Projects

At Concord Access Solutions, we are proud to distribute Terex Rough Terrain Cranes that have been designed and built for the most challenging environments. With our range of Terex Rough Terrain Cranes, you can rest assured that your job will be done efficiently. We also offer service and parts. Here’s how choosing a Terex rough terrain crane for your next project can benefit you and your business.

#1 – Better Steering Capabilities

The next Terex range of rough terrain cranes including the TRT and RT ranges offer better steering capabilities thanks to their compact size. These machines also offer excellent traction abilities and  and more enhanced power performance.

#2 – A Lower Centre of Gravity

Terex rough terrain cranes are designed with a lower centre of gravity which means they are more versatile and compact, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The low centre and high-performance tyres make these cranes easy to transport (on just about any road type) and enable them to manoeuvre more easily.

#3 – All-wheel Drive and Steering

The single cabin design enables the operator to engage the all-wheel drive system with ease, ensuring more controlled steering and accuracy. Terex cranes use new TEOS Operating System technology which offers a full-colour touch screen display with intuitive navigation and diagnostics. They also offer four different steering modes to choose from depending on the terrain and the application requirements.

#4 – Better Cost Efficiency

The Terex range of rough terrain cranes have low energy consumption for better, more cost-effective performance. The longer the crane is in service the better your profit potential too, making this range of machines highly cost-efficient.

Keen to find out more about the Terex Rough Terrain Crane fleet available from Goscor Access Solutions now? Browse our range and  Contact the Concord Access Solutions team today and we’ll give you all the information you need.

Choose Terex Terrain Cranes for all Your Lifting Needs

We are the proud Terex Rough Terrain African Partner, offering this powerful range of rough terrain cranes in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, and Ghana.

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