Introducing Unic Cranes – Spider Cranes

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We are introducing a wide range of Spider Cranes from our partner Unic Cranes. Find out more about our new range of Spider Cranes

Concord Access Solutions has recently partnered with UNIC Cranes to bring a range of compact mini cranes to the South African market.

UNIC Cranes Europe are known to produce compact mini crawler cranes, also known as Spider Cranes.

UNIC Cranes offer an excellent solution for working in a restricted or confined working space. These flexible machines are suitable for a wide range of lifting situations from internal lifting through to railway track maintenance.

UNIC Cranes specialise in lifting heavy items. They are useful on construction sites and maintenance jobs. Whether they’re lifting heavy metal beams, generators, or machinery, UNIC Cranes are useful tools on site.

The UNIC Cranes range available from Concord Access Solutions

UNIC URW-295 Spider Crane

The URW-295 is a mini spider crane with a 2.9 tonnes capacity. This rugged little unit is known for its reliability and mobility. 

The crane is just 0.6m, meaning it can fit through a standard door frame. The 8.65m boom has a maximum lifting height of 8.8m, but the addition of an optional fly jib can give a further 1500mm reach where required.

UNIC URW-376 Spider Crane

The URW-376 is a spider crane capable lifting loads of up to 2.9 tonnes. It has a lifting height of up to 14.9 metres. The crane features a six-section hydraulic boom to allow a maximum working radius of 14.45m. The crane can be operated by remote control, allowing extra flexibility and safety.

UNIC URW-547 Spider Crane

This mini spider crane features a maximum lifting height of 18.6 metres and lifting capacity of 4 tonnes. It offers a radio remote control, ensuring the crane can be safely operated from a distance in hazardous situations. This mini crane also includes turnover protection with stability warning lamps and safety warning alarms, all of which help prevent the risk of the crane tipping. 

UNIC URW-706 Mini Spider Crane

The UNIC URW-706 range of cranes can lift up to 6 tonnes.

The URW 706-2 can lift to a maximum hook height of 25.9 metres, which is 3 metres more than the standard model. It can fit through a standard double doorway and is a truly versatile machine.

UNIC URW-1006 Spider Crane

The URW-1006 is the world’s largest mini spider crane and offers an unmatched 10 tonnes of lifting power. It features 30.7 metres of lifting height and a 24.3 metre working radius.

Find out more about the UNIC Cranes offering available from Concord Access Solutions

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