Most considered machines for the industrial & construction projects

The World of MEWP Equipment
Learn about the top MEWP manufacturers such as Genie and Holland Lifts as well as the top 5 machines to consider when hiring or buying from your MEWP provider.

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms are indispensable tools on construction sites and across the industrial sector.  From building bridges to laying foundations and adding roofing, mobile elevated work platforms play a vital role in major construction projects.

 Top 5 MEWP manufacturers to consider for construction or industrial jobs

Selecting the right machine for the job can be hard, especially when faced with so many options. Mobile Elevating Work Platform manufacturers like Genie, Holland Lift, Teupen and ATN all offer great machines for the construction industry.

Always ask an expert

When selecting the best MEWP for the job, you need to consider several factors. What height will you be working at? What equipment and personnel need to be lifted? Are there obstacles to consider? Does the job site have any specific obstacles you need to keep in mind? Are there safety issues to consider on site? Your MEWP solutions provider should be able to advise you on what type of machinery you should consider. Concord Access Solutions have a team of experts who can help find the right machine for the job. By asking open-ended questions about the job and the job site and assessing your needs thoroughly, they can help you ensure the machine recommended is the best possible solution.

What are the top 5 mobile elevating work platforms for construction or industrial use?

We look at some of the most popular work platforms used in the construction industry. Booms and cherry pickers with a boom reach of 16 meters higher are generally suited for this industry, and there’s an option to suit just about any application you can think of.

Here’s our list of 5 industry favourites:

The Genie Z-80/60 Articulated Boom Lift

The Genie Z-80/60 articulating boom lift has a has a massive horizontal reach of over 18 meters. This versatile machine can reach up, out and over, making it an ideal vehicle on any construction site. The maximum working height of the Z-80 is an impressive 25.77 meters. Genie’s ‘Fast Mast’ system ensures that the platform can be lowered to the ground without having to lower the secondary boom, saving you time.

The Genie S-85 Telescopic Boom Lift

At over 23 meters, the Genie S-85 telescopic boom (together with the Genie S80x) has a greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform. If you find yourself on a difficult worksite with limited access, this telescopic boom lift is an indispensable tool. The boom lift offers a 360˚continuous rotation turntable for quick positioning.

The Genie SX-150 Telescopic Boom Lift

The Genie SX-150 is another telescopic boom that offers high levels of productivity and industry-leading capacity. This Genie boom excels in even the most extreme construction, maintenance, telecommunications, gas and oil, chemical maintenance, and large utility applications. With a maximum working height of 48 meters, the machine makes use of a 3-meter rotating job to easily position workers and equipment.  This productive, reliable machine is easy to transport and is currently being used on the Mohembo bridge project in Botswana. 

Genie GS-5390 RT 4×4 Diesel Scissor Lift

The Genie GS-5390 has been built to handle rough terrains. With a working height of 18.5m, this piece of equipment is ideal for steelwork erection, roof and cladding installation and signage erection. This unit features four-wheel drive with positive traction control and up to 50% gradeability.

The Holland Lift HL-275

The Holland Lift HL-275 reaches a working height of 27.5m. This versatile machine is ideal for jobs that require lifting objects or people straight up and down, such as warehousing and high-level cleaning, but it’s often used on construction sites, especially those with narrow work areas. It features an extension deck of 2.1m and has a self-levelling ability that allows operation on sloped or uneven surfaces.