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Our fleet offers some of the most advanced and innovative features. If you’re looking for a market leading access solution in Africa, our GAS team are the ones to contact.

We understand that innovation is good — but, when we are developing new technologies and solutions for our equipment, these innovations must advance safety and/or increase the number of rental days/applications without significantly impacting the machine’s cost.

A few of the machines included in our impressive fleet are:

  • Highest crawler boom in Africa at 36m (Teupen Leo36)
  • Highest diesel scissor lift in Africa (Holland Lift HL-275 – 27.5m)
  • The highest electric scissor lift in Africa (Holland Lift HL-220 – 22m)
  • From the tallest to the smallest, we also sell the smallest electric scissor lift in Africa to date, ideal for tight access applications. The GS1330 can lift 885kg at a height of 5.9m.

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Let’s take a look at some of the exciting models that offer the following innovative features:

FE (Fuel Electric)
XC (Xtra Capacity)
Duel Zone Control

Fuel Electric – innovation driven by performance

The FE hybrid system provides several significant advancements over other hybrid technologies. This new design includes a new drive system, increased performance and unprecedented applications flexibility. A machine operating in a fully electric mode can operate for a full day on a single charge. A machine operating in the hybrid mode can offer up to one week run time on a small single tank of fuel.

These booms’ simple AC direct drive system is 50% more efficient than DC electric-over-hydraulic drives to maximize battery life. Service requirements and operating costs are reduced, since the number of hydraulic valves, hoses and fittings are lower, and there are no brushes to replace or commutators to service.
Additionally, the Genie FE hybrid system addresses inefficiencies in the hydraulic lift, so it requires only 60 to 70% of the energy required by diesel-over-hydraulic units. Genie’s FE units can provide your company with significantly higher application utilization because they can be operated in “hybrid” mode for outdoor rough terrain applications without concern of full battery discharge. They they also have “DC” mode for zero-emissions operation, allowing the units to be used indoors.

The Genie Z-60 FE

The Genie Z-60/37 FE boom is a revolutionary new approach to our mid-size Z-boom family and it adapts to our customers’ evolving needs for high performance, high efficiency and low emissions. On long-term jobs, even when on-site power is not available, this machine is sufficiently versatile to handle multiple tasks ranging from work on rough and unprepared ground to indoor applications where reduced noise and emissions levels are necessary,” says Adam Hailey, Product Manager, Terex AWP. “This model is an extremely cost-efficient solution designed to provide high rental returns for general construction and industrial applications, such as sports arenas, shopping malls and convention centers.”


  • Up, out and over capabilities
  • Tight turning radius
  • Zero emissions
  • Quiet operation
Xtra Capacity – innovation driven by safety

The XC feature is innovation in the form of platform capacity and load sensing which essentially provides increased boom utilisation and fleet flexibility and simply put, the ability to do more with just one machine. Responding to the customer demand worldwide for higher capacity aerial work platforms, Genie’s XC booms are designed to work in a multitude of applications that may require higher capacities. This reduces the number of lift cycles and the amount of equipment needed to get tools and materials to aerial worksites. The ability to do more with a single unit saves time and increases productivity.

Genie XC booms offer industry-leading dual-lift capacity of 660 lb (300 kg) unrestricted and 1,000 lb (454 kg) restricted. This offers enough capacity for up to three workers in the platform, along with tools and platform options.
Genie XC booms include a simple load cell load-sensing technology. The protected load cell has no moving parts, which offers excellent reliability. This boom innovation offers easy calibration in the field without putting a load in the platform, so the machine can stay in service longer.

The Genie Z-45/25 XC

The Genie Z45/25 XC can help you access a working height of 15.86m, ideal for general construction work, building maintenance and many more projects. The Genie Z45/25 XC comes with oscillating axles for rough terrain and is capable of up, out and over capabilities. Get the Genie Z45/25 XC with easy to maintain onboard LCD colour diagnostic screen system and lift controls.


  • Up & over clearance
  • General construction
  • Building maintenance
  • Up, out and over capabilities
  • Increased outreach
  • High ground clearance
  • Four wheel drive operation
  • Oscillating axles for rough terrain

Enquire about the Genie Z45/25 XC diesel articulated boom lift available for sale or to rent and get a quote toda.

Dual-Zone – innovation driven by efficiency.

A dual zone operation offers operators the ability to perform indoor, as well as outdoor. It is an efficient drive system that increases the ease of movement on surfaces. For operators, the ability to switch between indoor or outdoor applications enables them to perform multiple tasks using one machine, saving time and increasing productivity.

The GS-4655 Scissor Lift

The Genie GS-4655 scissor lift offers an excellent combination of working height and lifting capabilities. It is Genie’s highest electric slab scissor lift to date and features Dual Zone Control.

The Dual Zone Control allows the unit to reach a maximum working height of 16 meters indoors, while outdoors it reaches 10.7 meters. This capable machine can achieve a 25% gradeability with 14° breakover angle, allowing it to easily get up slopes and loading ramps.

The heavy-duty electric motor is eco-friendly and built for longevity. By using an AC system, instead of a traditional hydraulic drive, the machine has fewer hydraulic service points, and therefore service time and costs are reduced, allowing for cleaner and greener usage.


  • Fully sealed AC electric drive motors for efficient operation indoor and outdoor and maximum runtime per battery charge
  • 25% gradeability with 14° breakover angle to easily get up slopes and loading ramps
  • Large platform workspace with slide-out extension deck
  • Swing out components trays for easy access
  • User-friendly Smart Link™ control and diagnostic system
  • Genie’s highest electric slab scissor lift to date
  • *These machines are currently for sale only

Our world is changing, and innovations are helping all of us — manufacturers, rental companies, contractors and operators — do things faster and smarter than ever before.

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