Why MEWP Operator Training and Certificates are Important

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Making sure that all your operators and personnel receive proper training is the first step in helping to prevent accidents. It’s vital that anyone operating heavy machinery receive the right MEWP operator training to protect themselves, other workers, the equipment and the job site.

What is MEWP Operator Training?

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms can be complex pieces of machinery. And an operator should have a thorough understanding – not just of the machine itself – but also how to eliminate environmental hazards, how to inspect the equipment before and after use, ad what to do should any trouble arise.

A MEWP operator should undergo a recognised operator training course and received a certificate or licence before using the machine.

A thorough MEWP training programme isn’t simply a quick run-down of how the machine works. It’s a much more comprehensive programme that includes the proper instruction and guidance needed to safely use the machinery.

What does MEWP Operator Training cover?

An operator who’s up to date on the latest safety practices will be able to operate their work platform in way that doesn’t pose a risk to themselves or others.

Operators will learn how to perform a pre-start inspection. The operator will be able to check the machinery before they start working, performing all necessary safety checks. They should be able to report any defects or problems, so that the MEWP can be taken out of service and repaired.

They will also be instructed on how to perform a workplace inspection. During this inspection, they will assess the job site, looking out for various hazards and risks, and preventing issues before they arise. This could include identifying dangers like power lines, holes or uneven work surfaces.

Once they have covered these inspections, they will then learn about the actual operation of the MEWP. This is a hands-on practical experience of operating the MEWP. The operator will need to demonstrate proficiency using the machine to pass the certification. Once the training is complete, the operator should be familiar with all the controls and the operation of the specific make and model of MEWP they are using.

Who should undergo a MEWP training course?

Anyone who operates an MEWP on a construction site, at a warehouse, farm, depot, silo or any other type of job site, needs accredited training before using the MEWP. Without proper certification, you could be risking the lives of the operator and other workers on site.

How much does MEWP Operator Training cost?

Costs depend on a number of factors including the type of MEWP and the location of the course. Contact Concord Access Solutions to find out about our training services.

How long does a MEWP certificate last?

MEWP certification lasts three years. You will find the dates that the certification is valid for on the certificate.

Concord Access Solutions offer MEWP certification and MEWP operator training

Our training is conducted by industry experts and is in accordance with international safety standards, accredited by the IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) and the IWH (Institute for Working at Height).

The Concord Access Solutions training service offering includes:

  • Operator familiarisation training
  • Machine-specific familiarisation training prior to machine handover
  • Theoretical and practical training conducted on site or at our premises

On completion of the training, a certificate will be issued to the operator. The entire training process is monitored and facilitated by our Concord Access Solutions team of specialists

Our team is committed to providing safety, productivity and efficiency on your job site. Contact us today for a quote on your training needs.