Why You Should Consider Diesel Boom Lifts

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Are you working on a rugged worksite that requires a boom lift that can work on uneven surfaces and still do some seriously heavy lifting? If you’ve said yes, then you should be considering a diesel boom lift for your project. Diesel articulated boom lifts are rugged, versatile machines that offer safe lifting even in unstable conditions.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider diesel boom lifts for your next project.

Benefits of Diesel Boom Lifts

At Concord Access Solutions, we understand that there are many factors to consider when choosing a boom lift. These factors would include:

  • What type of terrain is the site on?
  • What load weight will need to be lifted?
  • How much space/manoeuvrability do you have to work with?

With all of these factors in mind, here are our top three benefits of using a diesel-powered articulated boom lift.

Superior Performance

Diesel telescopic boom lifts or articulated boom lifts offer precise up-and-over capabilities which means they offer excellent outreach performance. Most articulated boom lifts have baskets that are able to rotate fully to reach any work area too. When you couple the lifting capabilities of a boom lift with its up-and-over and outreach capabilities, you have one high-performance machine.

Excellence Durability

Diesel articulated boom lifts are rugged and have 4×4 capabilities to be able to be driven onto and work on any uneven or unstable construction or work site. The four-wheel drive operation has oscillating axels for rough terrain performance.

Unmatched Versatility

These types of boom lifts are ideal for general construction work as well as building maintenance which makes them versatile machines that have many different applications. From warehousing to construction, diesel boom lifts are the perfect machine to do any kind of heavy lifting.

What are the Capabilities of Diesel Boom Lifts?

When it comes to the fleet of diesel boom lifts available from Goscor Access Solutions, we only stock the best. Our range of ATN and Genie manufactured boom lifts are world-class and offer a range of top-class capabilities, including;

Working Heights

Having a fleet with a range of working heights is essential because customers in the warehousing, construction and industrial sectors have varying needs for height capabilities. Our fleet offers working heights of between 12 – 43m.

Horizontal Reach

As much as you want a boom lift to be able to go up, you also want it to be able to go out. The horizontal reach of a boom lift indicates how long the boom can extend and work at. Our fleet offers horizontal outreaches of between 7 – 21m.

Up and over clearance is a key factor for many of our customers when deciding which boom lift to choose. Boom lifts are designed to be able to literally go “up and over” obstacles or structures. The fleet has in-stock offer up and over clearances of between 4 – 23m.

Carrying capacity or platform capacity is also an important feature of any boom lift. What weight can they carry people or product at height is the question that many customers ask. Our fleet offers platform capacities of between 220 – 300kgs.

Where to  buy or rent diesel articulated boom lifts ?

Keen on diesel boom lift hire information or want to know where to purchase one for sale? At Concord Access Solutions, we stock a huge fleet of elevated work platform machines that are able to get any job done. From scissor lifts to telescopic handlers, we offer any kind of elevated work platform you might need.

To find out more about the range of work platforms and access machinery of our entire fleet for sale and rent, contact Concord Access Solutions today.

Diesel Articulated Boom Lift FAQs

What are the advantages of diesel boom lifts?

Diesel boom lifts can work outside on uneven ground thanks to their rugged, four-wheel drive capabilities. They have excellent up-and-over capabilities for heavy-duty lifting and can perform a variety of heavy-duty lifting applications.

Where are diesel boom lifts used?

Diesel boom lifts are commonly used on construction sites outside but can also be used in warehousing and manufacturing too.

Why you should consider diesel-powered boom lifts?

If you want a boom lift that can work in any rugged terrain and still offer the same heavy-lifting capabilities, then you should consider a diesel boom lift.

Are diesel-powered boom lifts stronger than petrol boom lifts?

Not necessarily. The difference is that diesel boom lifts do emit emissions and are not noise-free like some electric options. That’s why they are best used in outdoor spaces.