CAS Announces A New Generation Of Genie XC Booms

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As construction projects become more complex, there has been an increasing demand for boom lifts that can handle heavier loads at greater heights. Concord Access Solutions has risen to the challenge, bringing in Genie’s range of Xtra Capacity (XC) boom lifts.

Concord Access Solutions is always on the forefront of innovation and continues to add to our range of Concord ‘XC’ booms.

A heavy hitter

The Genie XC booms feature an updated boom structure that helps to support additional weight on the platform.

The new generation of Genie XC boom lifts offer dual capacity on all of its models. The dual-envelope design provides an unrestricted range of motion with a platform capacity of 300 kg and a restricted operating envelope capacity of 454 kg.

All XC lifts can carry up to three people, and they’re equipped with load sense technology. By allowing construction teams to lift more workers and equipment with a single unit saves time and increases productivity.

Lifting safety standards

New technology incorporated into the design allows the Genie XC booms to safely carry more load than ever before. Certain models have the ability to work on higher slopes, giving the machines a wider range of applications.

All Genie XC models boast the ability to do zero-load field calibration which can increase performance, decrease set-up time and improve overall productivity. The new XC range of booms are also equipped with a load sense cell that continuously checks the weight in the platform and adjusts the envelope to match the load chart.

A tilt sensor maximises the user’s ability to access even the most hard-to-reach work areas. The Genie XC machines

Many of the new Genie XC models feature  updated CAN-based controls which make operating the booms easy and straightforward. Onboard diagnostics allow for machine setup, calibration and troubleshooting right on the machine.

The Genie Z45 XC 

The popular rough-terrain Genie Z45/25 J RT diesel powered articulating boom was used as the base when designing the Genie Z45 XC. This model features a dual-envelope design to provide an unrestricted platform capacity of 300 kg and a restricted capacity of 454 kg. It has a maximum working height of 15.87 m and horizontal reach of 7.55 m.

The Genie S65 XC 

The Genie S65XC is the ideal machine for heavier lift tasks on construction and industrial job sites. Up to three people can work onboard the S65 XC. This model features a dual lift capacity of 300 kg unrestricted and 454 kg restricted. This boom lift can reach a working height of 21.80 m and has a reach of 16.51m.

The Genie S85 XC

The Genie85 XC telescopic boom lifts even higher than the S65 XC, reaching an impressive height of 27.91 m. This model offers a dual lift capacity of 300 kg unrestricted and 454 kg restricted. This machine is generally used on industrial worksites and construction jobs where heavy lifting is required. The Genie Xtra Capacity feature allows up to three people to work onboard while still leaving room for tools and job site materials.

The Genie SX105XC 

 If you need a big boom lift for large projects, the Genie SX105 XC could offer the ultimate solution. Reaching a height of 34 meters, the boom lift also has a horizontal reach of 24.38 m and a below ground reach of 2.69 m. The SX105 XC features industry-leading dual lift capacity —300 kg unrestricted/454 kg restricted — and a smooth operating envelope. You’ll find this Genie XC boom assisting with large construction projects, bridge inspections, oil and gas applications and in stadiums and arenas.

The Genie SX125XC

This mammoth machine is perfect for heavy lifting jobs, bridge inspections and maintenance, industrial and telecommunication applications. The Genie SX125 XC telescopic boom features the same dual-lift capacity as the other XC models: 300 kg unrestricted/454 kg restricted. With a working height of just over 40 meters, this boom has its head in the clouds. The maximum horizontal outreach is 24.38 m and the below ground reach 2.69 m.

How high can a Genie XC boom lift reach?

The Genie SX125 XC can reach an impressive maximum working height of 40.1 m and is often used for massive projects including bridge building and stadium maintenance.

The Genie S65 XC, which is a smaller model, can reach a height of 21.81 m. The Genie S85 XC has a working height of 27.91 m.

What’s the biggest Genie XC boom lift?

The Genie SX125 XC is the biggest of the Genie XC boom lift range currently available in South Africa. The unit is ideal for heavy lifting in construction, bridge inspections and maintenance applications.

The largest XC boom manufactured by Genie is the SX135 XC, at 43.15m working height and with best in class 27.43m horizontal reach, all without sacrificing the same capacity as the smaller XC models. What really sets this model apart from any other though is the jib which is not only telescopic (up to 9.14m), but also rotates up and down, giving it the versatility of an articulated boom lift as well!

Boom Lifts For Sale And Hire

The Genie XC boom lifts available to hire from Concord Access Solutions include the Genie Z45XC, Genie SX65 XC, Genie S85 XC, Genie SX105 XC and Genie SX125 XC. This entire XC range plus others up to the SX125 XC are also available to purchase. Contact us today to find the ideal boom lift for your next project.

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