Telescopic vs Articulating Boom Lift

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So, you’re planning a detailed construction project and are in need of an aerial work platform that can give you high reach and excellent performance. The problem is you don’t know which type of boom lift to choose.

When it comes to boom lifts that can offer you high-reaching capabilities and manoeuvrability, there really are only two options to choose between. Telescopic boom lifts and articulating boom lifts are two aerial platform machines that dominate the market at the moment. We take a look at these two machines in our telescopic vs articulating boom lift guide, giving you the features of each machine as well as tips to know how to know which machine you need.

This comparison guide will help you to differentiate which type of boom lift is going to be best for your project requirements.

What is a telescopic boom lift?

Telescopic boom lifts have a straight boom that reaches high into position and offers extended arms to increase their outreach too. Telescopic boom lift arms do not have joints and cannot but rather go straight up into position. These machines have four-wheel drive capabilities making them ideal for rough terrain.

What is an articulating boom lift?

Articulating or articulated boom lifts have a hinged or “articulating” aerial work platform. This means the arm can be hinged in multiple directions in what they call an ‘up-and-over’ movement to be able to give access to the aerial work platform over various obstacles or barriers. Articulating booms are easily-manoeuvrable, offering high-ground clearance, making them ideal for uneven or unstable work sites.

Features of the Telescopic and Articulating Boom Lifts

When it comes to the difference between telescopic and articulating boom lifts, the key really is to rather look at the features of each type of machine. Looking at the features of each gives a good indication of the capabilities of the machine types themselves;

Features of Telescopic Booms:

    • Have high reach capabilities
    • Ideal for high-reach areas like buildings or bridges
    • Ideal for rough terrain
  • Ideal for carrying materials to high-rise areas.

Features of Articulating Booms:

  • Known to be better for difficult-to-reach access locations or applications
  • Are ideal for tight or small sites or workspaces
  • Ideal for applications where the lift position needs to be regularly adjusted.
How to know which boom to choose and when?

So, you understand what each lift can do and the features of each, now how do you know which one to choose? We’ve made it easy for you with our list of why you would want to choose each type of machine.

You ideally want to choose a telescopic boom lift if you:

  • Need a combination of max height and max reach from a boom lift
  • Need a four-wheel drive machine that can access rugged, unstable work sites
  • Want a boom that can get up and running quickly with minimal set-up time

You ideally want to choose a self-propelled articulating boom lift if you:

  • Have confined workspace
  • Need to reach up and over obstacles
  • Are working indoors – can choose electric-powered models
  • Are working on uneven, rough terrain – can choose rough-terrain models
  • Need extra boom reach via an extension or jib
Where to rent telescopic and articulating boom lifts from?

Now that you’ve read our comparison guide and understand what each type of machine is best used for, we’re pretty sure you know what type of lift is best for your needs, right?

Now it’s time to browse our selection of Concord Access Solutions Telescopic Boom Lifts and Articulated Boom Lifts to find the perfect machine for the job.

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What is the difference between a telescopic and an articulated boom lift?

There are a few differences between each type of boom lift, the main one being the way in which their reach is achieved. Telescopic booms have a further working height but can only go straight up to reach it. Articulating boom lifts have the ability to go up and over obstacles to get to the working height.

What are the advantages of an articulating boom lift?

Articulating boom lifts can be hinged and articulated to move up and over obstacles to reach the aerial platform. They are also smaller and so are great for working in confined spaces.

What are the advantages of telescopic boom lifts?

Telescopic boom lifts have high reaching capabilities and can be used to access very high work areas. They also have four-wheel drive so can be driven over rough terrain or work on unstable sites.

How to choose the right boom lift for your project?

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