Cherry Pickers Applications: Uses in Different Industries

The World of MEWP Equipment

Cherry pickers, also known as boom lifts, mobile access platforms or aerial lift platforms, are used as essential lifting and access equipment across a variety of industries. Thanks to their versatility, they are used for many different kinds of functions and applications. They provide safe and efficient access to elevated areas, revolutionizing operations and improving productivity across different sectors.

In this article, we explore the wide-ranging applications of cherry pickers in different industries. From manufacturing to warehousing, we look at how these efficient pieces of access equipment address the unique challenges they face and how they can enhance safety and efficiency too.

6 Most Common Industries That Make Use of Cherry Pickers

Even though cherry pickers can be used for a variety of different industries of all kinds, there are a few common industries that consistently make use of this type of equipment, with great success. Let’s unpack these industries now and talk a bit about how each industry makes use of them.

#1 – Cherry Pickers in Manufacturing

Cherry pickers have proven to be invaluable tools in many manufacturing facilities. Their ability to reach high areas and provide a stable platform enhances efficiency in assembly lines, material handling, and maintenance tasks. By utilizing cherry pickers, manufacturers can streamline processes, increase productivity, and ensure worker safety.

#2 – Cherry Pickers in Warehousing

In warehouses, warehouse cherry pickers play a crucial role in optimizing operations. These machines enable efficient inventory management and order picking processes by allowing workers to access high storage areas with ease. By using cherry pickers, warehouses can maximize storage space, reduce manual labour, and improve overall productivity.

#3 – Cherry Pickers in the Construction Industry

The construction industry heavily relies on cherry pickers for various tasks at height. These machines are widely used for all facets of new building construction and by the majority of contractors on site, from initial steel framework erection and cladding to window installation, electrical work, fire protection installation, painting and any other operations that require safe access to elevated areas. By utilizing cherry pickers, construction companies can enhance worker safety, increase efficiency, and save time and resources.

#4 – Cherry Pickers in Building Maintenance

Building maintenance often requires work at height, such as window cleaning, facade inspections, and repair tasks. Cherry pickers offer a safe and efficient solution, allowing workers to access elevated areas with stability and ease. By utilizing cherry pickers, building maintenance teams can improve worker safety, increase productivity, and reduce costs associated with traditional access methods.

#5 – Cherry Pickers in the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry relies on cherry pickers for various tasks during events and productions. These machines are used to set up lighting and sound equipment, providing technicians and crews with the necessary reach and stability. Cherry pickers offer manoeuvrability and ease of use, enabling efficient event production and ensuring a memorable experience for audiences.

#6 – Cherry Pickers for Outdoor Media

Billboard installation often requires working at height in challenging locations. Cherry pickers provide the necessary reach and stability to install billboards safely and efficiently. By utilizing cherry pickers, companies can complete billboard installations with ease, saving time and ensuring proper placement of advertisements.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Cherry Picker

Selecting the appropriate cherry picker for specific needs and requirements is crucial. Factors such as load capacity, reach height, manoeuvrability, and adaptability to different site conditions must be considered. Additionally, evaluating equipment reliability and durability helps minimize breakdowns and project delays.

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