Blueprint For Choosing The Best Cherry Picker

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If you’re in the market for a cherry picker, it can be hard to know where to start. With so many cherry picker specs and features, GAS offers the best options!

When you’re needing an excellent cherry picker to offer the best solution for your working-at-height project requirement, it can be hard to know which is the best cherry picker to choose.

That’s when many of our clients turn to us, at Concord Access Solutions, in order to give them advice and suggestions as to the specifications and features of the models in our fleet. We understand each model in detail and we know which model is perfect for every kind of job.

Finding The Best Cherry Picker for the Job

We’ve put together a list, or blueprint, on the top cherry pickers for hire and for sale in our fleet at the moment, and we’ll discuss what the benefits are in order to help you understand more about their capabilities.

What are some of the best cherry pickers?

When it comes to the top cherry pickers for sale, we’ve chosen four machines to showcase. They are the most popular machines in our fleet with excellent capabilities and features;

Genie Z60/37FE Mast Boom Lift

Leading the race as one of the best mast boom lifts on the market is the Genie Z60/37FE. The Genie Z60/37FE offers a whopping working height of 20m thanks to its hybrid boom. It’s up and over clearance is up to 7.39m and it is the ideal cherry picker for sensitive environments because it is emission free and extremely quiet to operate.

Genie S65XC

The Genie S65XC has a robust job design to handle larger loads. With a 22m Xtra Capacity boom the Genie S65XC is able to perform a large range of heavier lifts on construction and industrial sites.

Genie GS2646 Electric Scissor Lift

The Genie GS2646 is an electric scissor lift with a 10m working height. It features an extension deck of almost 1m which is ideal for stocktaking, stock picking, warehousing and electrical installations.

Genie Z33/18DC Mast Boom Lift

This mast boom lift is a very popular one indeed. The Genie Z33/18DC has a working height of 12m with a platform capacity of up to 200kgs making it ideal for factory maintenance projects as well as shopping and retail centres.

Choosing a cherry picker crane to buy is a big decision. Consult experts like Concord Access Solutions to help tailor-make your purchasing decisions to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Which cherry picker to hire for your project?

If your project only requires the hire of a cherry picker, you’ll still be keen to understand the cherry picker specifications on the best models for hire. We’ve chosen three models to showcase here which are our most popular hiring models.

Genie Z62/40RT Diesel Articulated Boom Lift

This diesel articulated boom lift is great for general construction work and building maintenance. The Genie Z62/40RT 4×4 has a proportional control system that allows for quick and precise access to high areas.

Genie S65RT & XC

From construction to filming, the Genie S65 RT 4×4 is a diesel telescopic boom lift that has a 360degree continuous rotation turntable for quick positioning. It has a 20 – 22m boom for working heights and a self-levelling platform with hydraulic platform rotation.

Genie Z45/25RT Diesel Articulated Boom Lift

If you need an articulated boom that offers precise positioning and easy operation, then the Genie Z45/25RT is the cherry picker to hire. With a 16m boom and an up and over clearance on 7.14m, this cherry picker is a much sought-after model in the construction and building industry.

Find out more about our wide range of cherry pickers on sale with Concord Access Solutions, by calling us on 011 393 6437 or Get A Quote today.