Questions To Consider When Picking A Cherry Picker

The World of MEWP Equipment

Cherry pickers are incredibly useful tools on construction sites and warehouses, but did you know they were originally developed for use in orchards where they were used to pick fruit, which is where we get the colourful name ‘cherry picker’.

These days you’ll find cherry pickers everywhere from the farm to the mall to the factory – and for good reason. This versatile lift provides a safe and effective way of lifting workers up to various different heights.

How does a cherry picker work?

A cherry picker uses a hydraulic crane to lift a long, extendible arm or boom and bucket. A worker can safely stand within the bucket of the cherry picker and be hoisted up the required height to perform various functions.

Advantages of cherry pickers over scaffolding and ladders

Saves time

Cherry pickers save a great deal of time when compared with the time taken to erect scaffolding. The hydraulic lifting system takes workers up and down within seconds, ensuring jobs get done quicker.

Mobile and adaptable

Using a cherry picker also allows you to be more mobile and adaptable. If you erect scaffolding you have a very limited work area that is within arm’s reach of the top of the scaffolding platform. With a cherry picker, you can quickly and easily move around to various positions.


Cherry pickers are very cost-effective when you consider that they can easily be hired for the period you require. You can hire a unit to your exact specifications, allowing you to get the height you need.

How high do cherry pickers go?

Cherry pickers reach heights of between 10 and 57 meters. With such a wide variety of boom lifts available, you’ll find one to suit your needs.

How to choose a cherry picker

If you’re considering hiring a cherry picker, also known as a boom lift, for an upcoming project, you may be wondering which cherry picker will be suit your needs. We’ve outlined the main types of cherry pickers available and their key benefits.

Mast booms and electric boom lifts

These booms (Mast Booms and Electric Boom Lifts) are very versatile in confined areas. They have a reach of between 10 and 20 meters and a tight turning radius. Because they are electric, they are quiet and don’t emit fumes. These cherry pickers are therefore ideal for indoor use in shopping centres, small warehouses and building maintenance.

Diesel articulated boom lifts

These 4×4-type diesel articulated booms are more rugged and can be used on rough roads and construction sites. These cherry pickers have a boom reach of between 12m and 43m.

Diesel telescopic boom lifts

These Diesel telescopic boom lifts also known as cherry pickers offer great reach and can stretch out over obstacles. They offer an impressive working height of 22m to 57m and the ability to move easily over rough terrain. You’ll find these cherry pickers used to perform building maintenance projects, construction projects and roofing and cladding.

Super boom lifts

These Super boom lifts also known as cherry pickers have working heights of between 43m and 57m, and yet are surprisingly compact to transport. These units are great for bridges, stadiums, power stations, wind farms and tall buildings.

Crawler boom lifts

Crawlers are also known as spider cherry pickers. These booms reach between 15 and 36m. The self-levelling outriggers stabilise the unit on sloped or even stepped work areas. They can access tight spots but then extend their outriggers for more support. Crawlers are ideal for narrow access work areas and uneven surfaces.

Trailer-mounted boom lifts

If your site is constantly on the move, a trailer-mounted boom provides an easy solution. These towable cherry pickers can be used indoors and outdoors and are perfect for weight-restricted, uneven and sensitive floor areas.

Where to buy or Hire a cherry picker?

If you’re looking for cherry picker rates and hire costs, call Concord Access Solutions for a comprehensive quote. We’ll help you with the expert advice you need so that you hire the right cherry picker for your needs.